Whirlpool Corporation

Style Guide


This design system maintains core elements to guide teams across the globe in the communications of Whirlpool Corporation with both consistency and flexibility, while keeping our customers’ and stakeholders’ experience central to creative expression.

Our Vision

Whirlpool’s vision is to be the best kitchen & laundry company, in constant pursuit of improving life at home.

As One Whirlpool, we maintain a consistent and compelling way to articulate who we are and what we stand for that describes and visually supports our vision.


We use color to bring approachability and flexibility as building blocks for compositions. Color enhances design and meaning, but it is used as an accent to communicate.


Both our corporate and Whirlpool brand logos are similar, yet different. Both possess the recognizable Whirlpool moniker and Ring of Promise.


Our typography is mature, modern, approachable and confident. We use open-sourced fonts that are balanced with open character spacing to provide an excellent reading experience.

Most-requested Assets

Corporate Presentation Templates

Corporate Presentation Template: Blue, Main Template (Google Slides)
Access requires corporate credentials/permission.

Corporate Presentation Template: Orange (Google Slides)
Use for employee achievements, engagement activities, career development activities, people development and inclusion & diversity, if not defaulting to blue.
Access requires corporate credentials/permission.

Corporate Presentation Template: Green (Google Slides)
Use to feature environmental sustainability, social responsibility and volunteering, if not defaulting to blue.
Access requires corporate credentials/permission.

Terms for using this style guide

All of Whirlpool Corporation’s assets are proprietary. If you use any trademarks, logos, designs or assets, you accept and agree to comply with the terms set forth in this style guide and design system. You further acknowledge that Whirlpool may take action against unauthorized or infringement, or use that does not conform to these guidelines.

A Whirlpool Corporation logo may not be used in a manner that implies Whirlpool has sponsored or endorsed the use without the express written permission from Whirlpool Corp’s Global Communications team.

Whirlpool may modify this style guide and design system, or revoke permission to use company assets at any time.

Photography & Video


Corporate photos and videos should be purposeful, authentic, approachable, and contemporary. Each tells a story. We don’t use stock imagery that is contrived, forced, or fake. Photography and Videography must improve the user experience and connect with people. 

Icons & Illustrations

Icons are approachable and light. Their simple line style allows the creation of new icons with ease. Icon and illustration libraries are available to drive efficiency, visual consistency, and flexibility across regions.


Inclusive Design


Our culture of inclusion extends to design, and our collateral and digital communication is committed to making accessibility a consideration, to foster experiences of belonging, and meet/exceed the unique needs of our colleagues, customers and communities. This is a process of continuous growth and improvement.

Layout Grids

Classic design grids maintain consistency, structure, and informational hierarchy and establish a structure for communication.We use them as a starting point for visual creativity, and to establish brand consistency for our stakeholders.