Logo Guidelines

All references to the Whirlpool trade name, used to represent the company, must use the official Whirlpool Corporation logo with “Corporation” under it.

This logo has no trademark or registered symbols. 

The font used in the corporate logo is proprietary and substitute fonts are not permitted.

The trade name must be used as a noun, and always lead as “Whirlpool Corporation” in any narrative. “Whirlpool” may never be used in the possessive or plural form.

This is the primary logo for corporate applications. It may be shown on white (preferred), light gray or a solid light color background. It may also be used over photos where a clean and plain background exists along with the suitable clearance around the logo.

The logo or any of its elements must not be altered, distorted, redesigned or rearranged in any manner.

Ring of promise

  • Should never be presented without the Whirlpool Corporation trademark.
  • Cannot stand alone or encircle any other object or words. For example, the ring may not be wrapped around a product.

Clear zone

  • No other symbols, text or graphic elements are to be placed within the clear zone boundaries.
  • Clear zone for the Whirlpool Corporation logo is based on the height of the letter “o” in the logo.
  • The Logo should always be displayed with a minimum width 1.5” for print and 90 pixels high for web.


Logo Don’ts

DO NOT recolor logo elements.


DO NOT add add any other text, symbol or graphic elements to the logo.

DO NOT apply outlines, drop shadows or any other special effects to the logo.

DO NOT change the proportion, stretch or skew the logo. Hold your shift key when enlarging/reducing.

DO NOT change the position or orientation of any of the elements.

DO NOT place the logo on a background that compromises or reduces its legibility.

System Logo

The Whirlpool Corporation logo may be combined with an approved* external facing text that represents the system name.

System name (ie. WHR360) and in instances where a sub-system name is needed, you must use the approved Nunito Sans Light font.

Functions and teams within Whirlpool Corporation must not have their own logo identities but should follow the system and subsystem logo guidelines as shown. Contact the Corporate Communications team with any questions.

In maintaining the spirit of One Whirlpool, internal functions and teams within Whirlpool Corporation may not have logo identities, and should follow the system and subsystem logo guidelines as shown. NO internal function or team logos should be created or used.

The only exceptions for internal branding or logos include:

  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
  • Function campaigns/events that have a shelf life
  • Apps and learning training platforms
  • World Class Manufacturing (WCM)

Brand Logo

Logos should be visually balanced in size and in most instances, aligned on a baseline with the word “Whirlpool”. If this can not be achieved, the logos should be centered vertically.

No other logo should visually appear larger than Whirlpool Corporation logo.

Global Brand

Only our $100M+ brands are represented in external logo lock-ups for collateral and external presentations.
Hotpoint (EMEA and Asia Pacific)