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Whirlpool Corporation presentation templates, icons and illustration libraries are available only to Whirlpool Corporation employees and agency business partners with security access.

Corporate Presentation Templates

Use the blue presentation template for company achievements, technology, financial news, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Investor Relations, Government Relations, Corporate awards. If you are uncertain on the appropriate template to choose, default to blue.

The orange presentation template may be used for employee achievements, engagement activities, career development activities, people development and inclusion & diversity, if not defaulting to blue.

The green presentation template may be used to feature environmental sustainability, social responsibility and volunteering, if not defaulting to blue.

The yellow presentation template may be used to highlight products, insights and home style trends, design, and collaborative research with schools and businesses, if not defaulting to blue.

Icons and Illustrations

A growing icon library is continually being developed to drive efficiency, visual consistency, and flexibility across regions, and suggestions are welcome. Submit your suggestions here. They will be reviewed on a monthly basis.